The Cuciniale recipe
Passionated about cooking and good food.
We are a team of food loving programmers, mathematicians, food scientists, engineers, sales and marketing specialists. Our vision is to digitalize the world of cooking in the same way as digital cameras have changed the way of taking pictures. We enable everybody to perfectly cook to one’s heart’s desire without any hassle. Cooperating with leading appliance manufacturers and designers is important to us. Our products are manufactured by leading producers in Germany according to the highest standards.

Everybody can cook perfectly with CUCIN(are) (gen)IALE .

Our philosophy
Cooking should be fun, easy and inspire you to try something new. We feel constrained to sustainability and we do honour foodstuffs as precious natural products.
Our mission
. . . is to revolutionise cooking at home. Our products guide you the way to perfect culinary performance. The system is easy to use and we strive to increase the customer′s value constantly. Therefore we always work cooperatively and highly dynamic.
Meet our Team

Our team comprises experts in hard- and software development, cooking, food science, signal processing, wireless signal transfer, sales and marketing. We are taking on experienced experts to strenghten our capabilities in a targeted manner.

Holger Henke
Founder and CEO
Graduated in Electrical Engineering ( TU Dresden, USC Los Angeles ), is a key ingredient behind the recipe of success. After he worked extensively on product development and cooking processes, he is now mainly active in business development whilst further developing the organization. His favourite dish is an original Kobe steak.

Philipp Ochtendung
Philipp, Master of Science ( RWTH Aachen ) in Biodmedical Engineering, is both our head chef and head coder. He obtained his cooking knowledge in a famous german 3-star-restaurant and his coding know-how in robotics. The apple – in all variations – is his passion and key ingredient for our success. He always surprises us with ideas and recipes.

Marcin Wolcendorf

Marcin, Master of Science ( TU Warsaw ) in applied math, develops high performance code with minimum requirements on memory and power consumption. He almost daily commutes by bicycle to our office – that is quite a challenge in our hilly environment. To recharge he loves scones and clotted cream.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Flämig-Vetter
Founder and shareholder
Tobias, professor of Electrical Engineering, is our specialist in non-linear control algorithms. As a specialist in car engine controls, he has transferred his know-how to the lower temperature range in cooking. Holding this knowledge, he once tried to prepare a suckling pig on a hot car engine !

Prof. Dr. Michael Greiner
Founder and shareholder
Michael is a professor of food science and catering at University of applied science ( HSWT ). With his long-standing ( 20 years ) experience he gives support in realising automated cooking. To him, intelligent cooking means always providing individual adaption to specific food properties and personal preference of the user.

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