Tortilla with Chorizo

If one thinks of Spain, delicious food, joie de vivre and beautiful nature come to mind. And so the Spanish cuisine offers many culinary specialties: from tapas to paella and ham. Tortilla - a thick egg omelette with potato pieces - is one such special treat. But not to be confused with the Mexican tortilla, this is a thin corn or wheat patty, which is usually filled with vegetables or meat.
But even those who are quite certain that they have ordered a potato tortilla, will get served very different things, because there are probably so many "original recipes" of the national dish, as cooking Spanish housewives and men. After all, eggs and potatoes are set, onions and oil actually, but already on vegetables, ham, sausage slices or even garlic they bat around. Our tortilla with chorizo ​​tastes wonderfully spicy and succeeds quite simply - we do not flip the tortilla and so it is not possible to fumble.


Serves 4

500 g waxy potatoes
2 cloves off garlic
150 g onions
50 g leeks
160 g Chorizo (spanish sausage)
5 to 6 tbsp. olive oil
salt, pepper
100 to 120 ml cream
50 g parsley
250 g spinach (frozen)
8 eggs (M)


Step One:

Thaw spinach. Peel potatoes, wash and cut into cubes (1.5 cm). Peel onions, halve and cut into fine half rings. Peel garlic and finely chop; add to the onions. Halve leeks lengthways, wash thoroughly and cut into half rings; add to the onions. Wash the parsley, shake dry and chop the leaves roughly; provide. Cut chorizo into thin (6 mm) slices and set aside. Crack open eggs and whisk in a bowl. Stir in cream, pepper and salt and season with nutmeg. Measure and set aside the olive oil.


Step Two:

Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan (about 24 cm Ø) and sauté the onion, garlic and leek for 2 to 3 minutes. Add potatoes and sauté for about 10 minutes. Add spinach and stir. Stir in the sausage as well. Stir the parsley into the egg mixture and stir well. Pour egg mixture evenly over the potato mixture and close the pan with a glass lid. Cook tortilla for about 25 minutes over moderate heat until thickened. The tortilla can be served and cut on a wooden board or slate.

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