VERY BRITISH: Fish 'n' Chips

In September changes fill the air - this is true also for the menus. While summer fruits have their last appearance and soon take leave, autumn is just a few days away and tempt us with apples, grapes, corn, pumpkin and other delights. Fish & Chips is a traditional British delight - simply delicious!


Serves 4

For the dish:
400 g fish fillet, such as cod or haddock
110 g plain flour
150 ml beer (bottle beer)
1 teaspoon baking powder
salt, pepper
600 g large, waxy potatoes
2 l oil for deep-frying (e.g. canola)
1 lemon, slices for the garnish


Step One :

Cut fish fillet into 4 pieces or individual servings and set aside. Measure flour, beer, baking powder and salt and set aside. Toss flour into a bowl, add beer and stir until smooth. Add baking powder, salt and pepper and stir again. Set aside the batter.


Step Two:

For the chips wash and peel potatoes. Cut into sticks of 1,5 cm thickness. Pour oil into pot (20 bis 24 cm) and set on cooking zone. Heat up the oil to 160 °C. Add chips and deep-fry for 2 bis 3 minutes. Take out and degrease on kitchen paper. Dip fish pieces into batter and transfer them to the oil. Deep-fry for about 6 minutes until crisp and golden-brown. Take out with a skimming ladle and place on kitchen paper. Toss the chips into the oil for a second time and deep fry for 2 bis 3 minutes until golden-brown. Take out and degrease on kitchen paper. Season with salt. Arrange fish and chips on plates, garnish with lemon slices and serve immediately.


You can serve the Fish & Chips with mashy peas or tartare sauce.

Delicious !

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