The GourmetPilot

. . . is an app. Don't guess, use Cuciniale!
Let the GourmetPilot guide you through the cooking process. Just enter the ingredient ( beef, poultry, pasta, rice ) and how you'd like to prepare it ( in a pan, in a pot, etc. ). Tell the Pilot how you'd like your food to turn out. You can choose the sear on the outside, and tell how you'd like the inside as well ( rare to well-done ). No need to fret, the Pilot won't let you overcook or undercook your food.
Relax, follow the instructions like a co-pilot and then enjoy.

Cooking process

As if by magic : Going smoothly with Cuciniale side by side.
- Pan-Frying, braising, boiling, stewed meats, poultry and fish – always delicious and tender.
- Boiling, stewing or frying vegetables - soft or firm to the bite, just as you prefer.
- All varieties of rice including tasty risotto ( only stirring three times ) or rice puddings.
- Potatoes and potato dishes ( e.g. crispy hash browns )
- Perfectly cooked pasta : "al dente" has never been easier.
- Soups and sauces
- And many more meals to come.

Desired outcome

Everyone has its own preferences. While one loves his steak "medium“, the other prefers it "rare" – how do you like it? Just enter your desired outcome into the GourmetPilot – it‘s you, who determines the browning level and doneness – leave the rest to Cuciniale. Your culinary wishes come true – always à point - without need of constant adjustments and checking.

Interaction with SENSOR

Now you can really enjoy cooking with high-quality food products, because the interactive cooking assistant by Cuciniale ® takes away from you the hassle of monitoring the cooking process. How can that be? The GourmetSensor ® recognises the relevant parameters of the food and communicates via Bluetooth with the GourmetPilot ®. You can rely on it!
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Many recipes only provide imprecise instructions, like “fry every side at medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes”. No surprise this will produce bad results. Many amateur cooks keep the hands off tricky dishes. Without any really good reason: The GourmetPilot guides you through the cooking process ( by providing instructions, like reduce the heat from 8 to 5 or even precise time settings to the second ). It couldn’t be easier and more precise.

Doesn′t it make you hungry?

You can get the GourmetPilot app on the App Store or Google Play.
Hope you enjoy cooking – your next culinary steep rise will certainly not end up in a crash landing.

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