"Is it done ?" – eliminate the guesswork to see if foods are done. The GourmetSensor has six sensor elements and transmits the data to the Pilot. It even recognizes the differences of food amounts and contents, such as weight, size, fat, proteins, carbs and water. This is very useful for good cooking because no natural piece of food is alike. No ordinary core temperature probe is able to achieve that.

Interaction with the APP

The GourmetPilot is your interactive cooking assistant. With accurate information he guides you through the cooking process – a GPS for cooking so to say. Nothing will go awry any longer – reaching the destination is guaranteed.
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Switching on the sensor

Now you are ready to start. Just press the button to connect the Sensor via Bluetooth to the application. ‘Connection has been established’ will then appear on the display of your device. So then, let’s go for it !

Proper Pre-Heating

Most oft the amateur chefs like their pan hot – too hot ! Food will thus often be overheated and real delight will be left behind. This won't happen when using the Sensor, as it determines how to fry and cook the food properly. This allows all flavours and toasted aromas to develop perfectly. The outcome : Delicious food that still contains nutritions and bioactive substances and also owns an appealing taste.

6 measuring points

Those sensors never miss anything.
6 high-precision sensors are distributed over the GourmetSensor’s lancet. They are able to capture the subtlest nuances, from the most obvious ( weight, size ) up to the inner values ( fat, water, proteins, carbs ) of your food. Then the Sensor shares its measured insights with the GourmetPilot, that will always optimally adapt the cooking process. Well, the Sensor just senses what's best for your steak.

Feeling curious?

You can buy the Sensor right here on our website. It is also available at a specialist retailer or at electronic markets.
Enjoy cooking – we are confident that you will create a tasty masterpiece.

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